the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need



Oh, the tyranny of hair.

A good hair day makes you feel invincible; a bad one makes you wish you were invisible.

A good haircut is as essential as a little black dress. And a great hair colour is your best accessory.

So you’ve got your anti-ageing skincare regime down to a science: alternating Vitamin C and retinoids at night; layering serums, oils, and creams; and not stepping a foot out the door without sunblock—and your skin is glowing.

But what frames that age-defying face? Your hair.

As you get older, your hair changes. As well as greying, there can also be thinning, dullness, dryness, and breakage to contend with (five thumbs down). The hormonal fluctuations that occur with age can lead to a change in hair’s texture, turning once silky strands, into unruly ones. And a loss of pigmentation is an inevitable outcome of the march of time. But rather than letting nature take its course, there is Balayage.

Balayage means paint or sweep in French and refers to a French highlighting technique. The dye is applied freehand with a brush and paddle board and the result is a multi-dimensional, soft and natural hair colour that is akin to sun-kissed hair after a vacation on the Riviera. Alternatively, by changing the application technique, it can look dramatic. Either way, balayage gives a gorgeous, glossy finish to the hair.

Balayge is the hair colouring trend du jour because it is flattering and looks very modern. You’ve likely seen celebrities sporting Balayage.

Image via Net -Porter
Image via Net-A-Porter

As well as looking much more sophisticated and natural, the big appeal of balayage is that it’s bespoke – a colourist skilled in balayage will look at your face and place the lights to perfectly flatter and light your features. That’s why if you look at most A-listers, you rarely see a classic foil highlight – you see balayage.

‘The stylist can also place the colour wherever suits the way you wear your hair. I give a lot of my longer haired ladies ‘ponytail lights’ – balayage placed underneath the hair so that when they wear it up in a pony, it’s not flat, one dimensional colour underneath.

~  Jack Howard, International colourist and Balayage specialist

Balayage looks expensive, but is, in fact, very low maintenance. The ribbons of colour grow out beautifully without a demarcation line of regrowth, which means you don’t have to go to the salon as often. This saves you time and money, and is better for the health of your hair.

Get it done by a stylist you trust (thank you Liz from Lavish) and use professional products for colour-treated hair and heat-protection afterwards (Angel Wash & Angel Rinse by Kevin Murphy is what I use).

There’s nothing like a hair colour to give your look, and life, a lift. Sometimes nature needs a diversion.


POST PHOTO via Jack Howard 

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