the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Modern Hermes

Modern Hermes

When you are 180 years old, with a rich history and a solid old-world tradition, no-one is going to accuse you of being modern. Unless you’re Hermès, that is.

Thierry Hermès (1801-1878) established the French house in 1837 in the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris, making hand-crafted horse harnesses. His leather-work was so exceptional that his clients included the Parisian beau monde and European nobility.

One hundred years later, in 1937, the Hermès silk scarf debuted, and the company set up a dedicated scarf factory in Lyon.

Fast forward to 2010, and Hermès launches a campaign, J’aime mon carré (I Love My Scarf) shot by Matt Irwin featuring fashionable young girls, and a few stylish boys, in London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo wearing Hermès scarves tied in inventive ways.

Here is the limited edition scarf Hermes issued that year to commemorate the campaign. Mine is in the red colourway. It’s very modern, and fun, and très chic.

Hermès always looks forward; it always has throughout its history. It has always been about travel and voyage and going forward all the time. So there really is a spirit within the company that is very fun.

~ Fiona Rushton, Communications Director of Hermes UK


The scarf is by fashion illustrator and designer, KENG SAW.

Keng Saw, self-portrait
Keng Saw, self-portrait; Via

The J’Aime Mon Carré is 70 cm and features very Parisian characters.


Adorned with my Hermes scarf ring it makes a colourful statement.


So if you think Hermes scarves are all equestrian and traditional, it’s time to take another look.

It’s tempting to frame this one and hang it in my dressing room.

The neck or the wall?

Tough call.

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