the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery

I’m back. But elsewhere.

You see, I’ve moved.

From the forest to the ocean.


It’s a stunning new view with sailboats moored outside our window, ferries and tides coming in and going out, the occasional seal (no whales yet), and a little family of ducks in our bay. The change of scenery, the expanded living (and closet!!) space, and the proximity to the big and small city, is all oh so splendid.

So now that the boxes are unpacked and the art is hung, normal blogging will resume. Probably with a decorating category added. I’m envisioning an Art Deco design in this house—a move from former modern minimalism to something more luxurious, elegant, and glamorous. Decidedly Moderne, rather than Modern.

My first furnishing act was acquiring a bent glass coffee table that I’ve been coveting for years. I found it in used, but perfect, condition online locally for an amazing deal.


Dining room chairs were swiftly found on craigslist with a Deco-inspired pattern on four


plus two coordinating grey button-backs,that coordinate but aren’t matchy-matchy.


It’s a start. Now that I have a sewing room, I’m on the hunt for grey silk for draperies. And a curvy sofa.

Sometimes events beyond our control, like your rental house being sold,


push us onward and outwards.

Because sometimes a change of scenery is just what our life needs.