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Cooking rice, like cooking eggs, is one of those elementary kitchen skills that everyone knows how to do, but doing well is actually a challenge.

To solve the problem rice presents, some have resorted to electric rice cookers to achieve plump, fluffy grains while others have ditched the stove-top and opted for the oven instead. I’ve found my rice to routinely boil over, making a mess of my stove, and inevitably causing the rice to stick to the bottom of the pan since much of the water is outside, rather than inside, the pot. But we like rice.


I have an extensive collection of Staub pots, so I was delighted to discover the Staub petite rice cocotte.

Staub, the French cast iron experts, have combined the ancient cooking efficiency of cast iron with their signature modern innovation—Chistera lid technology. Similar to the design of a traditional Japanese rice pot with its rounded sides, it masters rice cooking because the textured enamel lid collects the condensation which drips back into the pot keeping the rice moist; plus the heavy enamelled cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly which keeps the rice piping hot.


Available in two sizes: 0.75 QT / 1.5 QT and two finishes: glossy Graphite and matte black. I couldn’t decide on a colour, and since all my Staub cookware is grey and black, I bought both. (They were half price; what can I say?) I can cook rice in one and make a sauce in the other. It is also good for other grains, like morning oatmeal, and ideal for a couple of eggs. You really do need two!


Like all Staub cast iron, it is indestructible, oven-safe, easy-to-clean, and requires no seasoning.

It makes perfect rice.

And have you ever seen a more adorable pot?

STAUB RICE COCOTTE: Ordered online from Cook Culture.

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