the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Lyrical Luminescence

Lyrical Luminescence

Alejandra Ribera, award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter has a devastatingly beautiful new album, This Island. In it she explores all the unexpected places she finds, and celebrates, the light.

There is this infinite potential that lies in that moment between suspension and release. I wanted to put a sonic microscope on that moment and invite the listener into that intimate space normally reserved for those who create the music.

~ Alejandra Ribera

The ten musical offerings on the album are hauntingly evocative explorations of the human heart with a mix of sophisticated melodies, heart-breaking lyrics, and unrestrained levity.

After my first year of living in France I found myself writing little hymns of gratitude and hearing anthem-like choruses in my head. I think it was a subconscious way of lifting my own spirits when I was feeling homesick. When it came time to record those songs I wanted to have as much fun as possible. Exploit the joy!

~ Alejandra Ribera


I wanted to make a record that sounded classic, simple and unencumbered by the production trends of the day. I knew it would take courage to strip everything down…

~ Alejandra Ribera

It was a risk that was worth taking. The Island sheds its own bright light.


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This Island will be available January 27 via Pheromone Recordings. Pre-order the album here.

Featured on CBC First Play here. Streaming ends on Jan 27, 2017



01 Russian Plates On Michigan Avenue
02 The Undertow
03 Carry Me
04 Higher
05 Led Me To You
06 Will Not Drown
07 Blood Moon Rising
08 Undeclared War
09 Soft Place To Land
10 I Am Orlando


Feb 23rd – Quebec City, QC – Théâtre Petit-Champlain
Feb 24th – Jonquières, QC – Côté Cour
Feb 28th – Montreal, QC – Club Soda (MTL en Lumiere)
Mar 4th – Sutton, QC – Salle Alec & Gérald Pelletier
Mar 9th – Sorel-Tracey, QC – Marine Cabaret
Mar 15th – Toronto, ON – Trinity St. Paul’s
Mar 16th – London, ON – Aeolian Hall
Mar 17th – Ottawa, ON – NAC Studio
Mar 21st – Berlin, Germany – Grüner Salon
Mar 24th – Wawern, Germany – Synagoge
Mar 25th – Freiberg, Germany – Jazzhaus
Mar 26th – Landsberg, Germany – Stadttheater
Mar 28th – Vienna, Austria – Sargfabrik


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