the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need



So it’s January.

I was at the post office the other day returning a pair of gorgeous YSL heels to The Real Real that sadly didn’t pass the Cinderella test.

Image via The Real Real
Image via The Real Real

Next door, the little vintage clothing shop I love had a sign on the door:


Hmmm. This seems like a sensible way to start a new year—it’s cold; it’s snowy; we’re still exhausted from the Christmas/New Years shopping/decorating/baking/celebrating. The bears around here are hibernating; maybe we should be, too. Considering my sparse posting of late, I seem to have adopted this strategy of retreat.

Whilst waiting for the shipping forms to be filled out and the exorbitant Canadian postage to be calculated, my eye caught the brilliant red and gold Year of the Rooster stamps beneath the showcase glass. I bought them for their beauty, not because I needed stamps.


Or do I?

I love stationary and cards. I have a little stock on hand (from thrift stores and church sales) for whenever the occasion for greeting or gratitude arises.


An email is just not the same as a hand-written missive in the mail.


And don’t you love an envelope in your mailbox that isn’t a bill or a flyer?


So rather than silly New Years resolutions like giving up wine and chocolate (never happening), I’ve resolved to write more letters, send more cards.

Because now I have stamps…

YEAR OF THE ROOSTER CANADIAN STAMPS: Designed by Paprika; Calligraphy by Albert Ng; Canada Post online

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