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During my trip to Vancouver, I went to Tiffany to have my T-Link bracelet cleaned and willingly succumbed to the allure of the T-Square. Honestly, I had already decided to purchase it months ago, but was even more sure once it was on my wrist. Simple, modern, stunning.

Vogue’s Grace Coddington headed the Tiffany & Co. Autumn 2016 Legendary Style ad campaign with my favourite model of all time, Christie Turlington, wearing the diamond T-Square.

When I tried to express the notion of legendary style in these photographs, I realized it was so important for it to feel effortless. It had to feel like a moment. It could not be contrived. Because really, that’s what style is all about. Style is a very pure expression of a real person. That purity, that authenticity, that’s what is beautiful and elegant. That’s what is true. When you can really see and feel who these women are, you realize that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
~ Grace Coddington
I plan to layer my T-link bracelet with my T-Square.

It’s a beautiful new piece of jewellery to commemorate the trip, and made all the more memorable by the lovely Tiffany SA, Susan, also a woman of a certain age.


TIFFANY: T-Square; T-Link bracelets available to order online.

IMAGE ABOVE: Suitcase by Heys.


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