Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving today.

It’s a sunny day where I am on the west coast and the lake is glistening between golden leaves and below mountains and blue sky. I am thankful for the beautiful place where I live.

It’s a busy day in the kitchen with cranberry sauce simmering and Split Pea Soup bubbling on the back burner—the bone from the ham I cooked for the community Thanksgiving lunch at the church on Friday. I am thankful for the people in this place that show such kindness and generosity.

Later Jay, Sam, Max, and I, will gather around our table for a (somewhat) traditional turkey dinner (boneless turkey breast, actually) and Pumpkin Pudding with Toasted Meringue (from the October issue of House and Home because although I love pumpkin pie, I have not yet conquered my fear of pastry) and cranberry biscotti (there is always biscotti at my house).  I am thankful for my family and for love.

I am thankful for you, reading this. This blog, approaching its first-year anniversary, has added a new and delightful dimension to my life. So to all who come to this space, wherever you are in the world, may you take a moment, and give thanks.

POST PHOTO: my son, Max.


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