the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Whitney 2

Whitney 2

It never rains, but it pours, as the saying goes.

I’ve had the MaxMara Whitney handbag on my radar since it was first launched just over a year ago. However, it never seemed to come up on the pre-loved market (perhaps a sign of a keeper bag). So even though I wasn’t actively searching for it, I was always on the lookout for it.

Then lo and behold, one day when I was looking for a MaxMara coat online at The Real Real, there it was. In fact, there were two!


I immediately bought the black one. And when it came, it was even more beautiful than I expected.

Naturally, I wanted to share it on my blog (See The Whitney). In the course of writing the post and researching the handbag, I realized that the other one was the limited edition collector’s bag released to coincide with the opening of the new Whitney Museum in New York. The colour—a light bluish-grey— was chosen by architect and Whitney bag designer, Renzo Piano, to echo the metal façade of the exterior of the building.


How cool is that? So, I bought it, too.

It was #16 of only 250 produced.


It had never been used: it still had the price tag on.


It was in pristine condition.


I seem to be collecting MaxMara Whitney bags.

Because days later, the red one was listed on Vestiaire Collective.

It’s on its way.


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