Wherever You Go

Sometimes no plan is the best plan.

At least that’s been the case for Canadian alt-pop band, The Treble. From road trips and late night parties; to cross-Canada tours and arena shows; to an upcoming album; the Winnipeg-based group is right on track for unplanned stardom.

Teaming up with award-winning producer Rob Wells (Ariana Grande, Tyler Shaw, Justin Bieber), they’ve just released a stunning lyric video for their brand new single, Wherever You Go. 

The video utilizes amazingly cool light-painting technology called Pixelsticks. Over 30 artists contributed thousands of photos from around the world with shots from New Zealand, France, Scotland, Brazil, Germany, the United States, England, Australia, Scotland, and of course Canada.

Image via Exclaim
Image via Exclaim

They painted our lyrics on their skylines, monuments, and countrysides. They stood out in the cold, the rain, and in the dead of night lighting up the darkness with our song. 

~ Mark Brusegard, Lead Singer

With a dark and confident sound, The Treble mix strong melodies and anthemic harmonies with lyrics about friendship, travel and staving off the real world.

This song is about chasing your dreams and pushing yourself further, no matter how far you’ve come.

~ The Treble

It’s more about the journey than the destination:

For some people challenging yourself means to travel the world or learn new things and for others it just means getting out of bed in the morning. Wherever You Go is about the first and final steps that can change everything.

~ Mark Brusegard, Lead Singer

No doubt The Treble is feeling the stars breathing down their necks.

Some things you just can’t plan.

We’ll be following them.

MEMBERS: Mark Brusegard Vocals  Colin McTavish Piano  Graeme Woods Guitar  Pat Hansen Bass  Dana Jerlo Drums

Image via Cadence Music
Image via Cadence Music

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