the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Show Stopper

Show Stopper

DIORSHOW mascara for lashes that steal the show.

Most mascaras are unbelievable: gloopy, clumpy, flaky, smudgy dead giveaways. Not pretty.

Believable beauty is fresh, modern, polished. Absolutely ageless.


PRIME TIME DAYTIME  One coat gives instantly longer lashes. Noticeably more volume but still subtle and natural. Smoothes and shapes with each stroke. Conditioning formula makes your lashes appear healthy, not crispy. Looks like those dark long lashes are really yours. Two coats and you’re fielding compliments.

PRIME TIME NIGHT-TIME  Three coats are your lashes are larger than life, taking centre stage. Might be mistaken for falsies or extensions.


XXL brush inspired by backstage makeup-pro tools.

Wears all day until the last curtain call.


Comes in gorgeous colours like Mahogany, Navy, Anthracite. 

So Dior.

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