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We admire women of a certain age who embrace growing older with elegance and aplomb.

Sixty-seven-year-old Linda Rodin is the epitome of minimalist chic. The former model, stylist, fashion editor, and now beauty entrepreneur is known for her silver hair, vibrant lipstick, and audacious eyeglass frames.

Photo: Ari Seth Cohen
Photo: Ari Seth Cohen

Her fashion and beauty philosophy is simple and streamlined. Rodin created her cult-famous neroli and jasmine-infused face oil, Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil, at home in a coffee cup because she couldn’t find a beauty product she loved that showed results. Her eponymous beauty line, RODIN, consists of a small core collection of essentials: body oil, hand cream, and a nourishing lip balm.

Linda Rodin's Sink | Image via Into The Gloss
Linda Rodin’s Sink | Image via Into The Gloss

Linda Rodin used to wear light purple so frequently her teenage boyfriend called her Lavender Lee. Recently (June 2016), Rodin launched two new products: Lavender Absolute Face Oil and Lavender Absolute Body Oil. With a clean and invigorating scent, the formula combines Bulgarian lavender stems and French lavender absolute and reprises the base oils of the original Olio Lusso she created nine years ago. 

Photo: F. Martin Ramin The Wall Street Journal
Photo: F. Martin Ramin | The Wall Street Journal

Rodin also curated a just-released Luxury Lipstick collection . Each of the five gorgeous matte shades are housed in a clear, modern case and are infused with her luxury oils, the cornerstone of RODIN. Purported to be great-smelling and long-lasting, they also contain rose flower, lavender wax, and vitamins C and E, as well as apricot, argan, and meadowfoam seed oils – all of which nourish your lips as you wear them.

Image via Pop Sugar
Image via Pop Sugar

The expansion into cosmetics was inspired by Rodin’s mother, Beatrice, who Always wore lipstick.

My father used to take films of us all from 1945 -1970. I found a clip of my mother, Beatrice, aka Billie, riding her bike down our lane. And she was wearing this beautiful color! So it’s Billie on the Bike.

Linda Rodin on the inspiration behind her lipstick shade Billie on the Bike

Rodin Lipstick | Billie on the Bike
Luxury Lipstick | Billie on the Bike | Image via Pop Sugar

The small but comprehensive lipstick line reflects Linda Rodin’s own style:

I picked what for me are the classics. I only wear these colors.

Matching lipliners will be available soon. To see the other lip shades and read Linda’s Lipstick Diary about how she chose the colours and names click here.

Linda Rodin has been endlessly interviewed and she is endlessly interesting.



My hair started turning grey when I was about 35. Technically, it started early but I was very lucky because it came in evenly. I never thought about dying my hair, ever. And when I was about 58, I realized I couldn’t see so I needed glasses. My signature look kind of found me rather than me finding IT.

Image via Man Repeller
Image via Man Repeller


 I’ve always been a jeans girl.

She is also a dog person: her constant companion is Winks, a silver grey poodle.

Image via Advanced Style
Image via Advanced Style


Sleep! That’s what I always say—the same thing. I sleep a lot and I take good care of myself. I eat very well; I’m a healthy eater. I’m not an exercise person, so I don’t have any regime for that. I think I just sleep well and eat well. I really think that’s the key—for me, anyway.

Photo: Lesley Kirshhoff


I don’t make makeup, so I use  NARS and  Make Up Forever lipstick. I use Maybelline mascara. I’ve been using that since I was 14 –same hot pink and green package. It literally hasn’t changed since I was 14. I don’t wear eye makeup and I don’t wear foundation.

Photo: Petra Collins
Photo: Petra Collins


I eat the same thing every day. I eat organic romaine lettuce, mixed with organic avocados and an organic hard-boiled egg. I have some kind of organic fish or salmon. It doesn’t have to be organic; I’m not a nut about it, but I do the best I can. I have really good Italian olive oil, coarse salt, and sometimes I’ll have bread and cheese. And I always have two glasses of crisp white wine.

Photo: Sasha Israel
Photo: Sasha Israel


You have to get old and embrace it and do the best you can. You can’t try to be young forever.

Photo: Lesley Kirshhoff
Photo: Lesley Kirshhoff

We say Amen to that.



Image via Garance Doré
Image via Garance Doré

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  1. Helen Miller
    September 21, 2016

    since looking at Linda Rodin my life has taken a sudden change. I no longer look like a 72 year old but have upgraded and copied some of her fashions.
    She is great.

    Queensland, Australia.

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