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Iris Apfel, one of our favourite Icons and fashion plates, is releasing her own fashion line.

The 94-year-old style maven has teamed up with I.N.C International Concepts for Iris Meets I.N.C, a line of clothing and jewelry to be sold exclusively at Macy’s. The 40-piece collection will be released early September 2016.

Macy’s was my very first department store and we used to always go there on shopping trips. I’ve always thought very kindly of Macy’s and I never planned on any of this. How many 94-year-old cover girls do you know?

Photo: KinoSmith

The rare bird of fashion is known for her brightly-coloured, eclectic, and outlandish outfits; her over-sized accessories; and her signature eyeglasses. Her new collection is inspired by her whimsical, Sixties Mod look and includes printed flare pants, A-line skirts, shift dresses, statement jackets, and bold accessories.

The clothes  are particularly suited to a younger generation but us old geezers can wear it as well.

The only thing off-limits are the miniskirts and very sleeveless pieces, which I think expose too much for an older woman.

In a savvy marketing move to transcend generational lines, the collection premiers with a set of Iris’s own emojis.

I didn’t even know what an emoji was… For me it’s rather silly, but it’s generational, so if it makes the kids happy, then…
Iris is taking this new career challenge in her stride:
It’s been very fun. I like to do things that are fun. If you don’t have fun, what good is it?
Photo: Magnolia Pictures
Photo: Magnolia Pictures
What good indeed?


IRIS MEETS I.N.C. Available at Macy’s Prices range from $50 to $200.

POST PHOTO: Karsten Moran/The New York Times/Redux

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