the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Drive In Style

Drive In Style

I have only recently started driving again after a long hiatus.

I was one of those teens who got their license practically as soon as I turned 16. I loved driving my little white Toyota Tercel as a university student and made many many trips from the city back home to the little town on the prairies where I grew up.

But when I moved to Vancouver, I left my car behind and didn’t drive again until last year–some 25 years hence. Let me tell you, it is nervewracking to redo your driving exam and get back behind the wheel.

When our mode of transportation was walking, biking, buses, and the occasional cab, my keyring held a house key and a bike key and was always somewhere in the bottom of my bucket bag. I never really gave it a second glance, or a second thought. But now that I have a car key, the fish ring from the dollar store just didn’t seem to cut it anymore.

So, a new keychain arrived today in the mail (my favourite mode of shopping) and it is pretty spectacular. If you read my earliest post about her (here if you missed it), you will recognize the designer in an instant.


Yes, it’s by Paloma Picasso. It’s vintage, likely from the 1980s, designed for Tiffany & Co. And it’s in perfect condition–never used.


That will no longer be the case, because as beautiful as it is, I’m using it.

I’m driving in (vintage) style.




Paloma Picasso sunglasses (post here)

BMW 540i, 1998

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