the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Chance It

Chance It

Greyson Chance’s new EP Somewhere Over My Head is out.

Now 18-years-old, the American singer-songwriter and pianist is making a bit of a comeback. Chance rose to fame at the age of 12 when his precocious performance of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi went viral–the video garnered close to 55 million views on YouTube and earned him 2.5 million Twitter followers and 3.5 million Facebook “likes”. This was followed by an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the release of his debut album, Hold On ‘Til the Night on her record label eleveneleven in 2011.

Now, almost five years after moving back home to Oklahoma to take a break from the music scene, Greyson Chance makes his return. The six-foot-one baritone is no longer “that pop kid”:

I think my writing is more mature because I’m a bit more mature. It’s more honest. I really wanted to bring a lot of personal experience and narrative into this EP. That’s the fun thing about music, you get to live out your life and then go to the piano and drag it into song form.

Photo: Adam Rindy
Photo: Adam Rindy
Track List
1. Afterlife
2. Back On The Wall
3. Hit & Run
4. No Fear
5. More Than Me


Every song has a story and message within it and I hope the listener enjoys peeling back the layers and finding those stories. Somewhere Over My Head is a reintroduction back to music for me and how I’ve grown from being just a twelve-year-old kid playing the piano to who I am now.


GREYSON CHANCE: Website; YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebook; Snapchat-greyson97

ON TOUR: Seattle, May 27 | San Francisco, May 28

Now available on Spotify  iTunes, Google Play

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