Ageing Gracefully: Julianne Moore

She is beautiful, talented, smart, and one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, but Oscar-winner Julianne Moore is worried.

She says she thinks about what she would do if she no-one would hire her. Apparently, she thinks about this a lot. Although Net-A-Porter editor Jennifer Dickinson can’t imagine that this will ever happen to Moore because, as she rightly points out in a recent interview, her acting just gets better and better; but the reality is, it is a question Moore will have to face one day. You see, Julianne Moore is 55.

Image via Net A Porter
Image via Net A Porter

The  probable reason the redhead is pondering her future in film is because, as Moore herself notes, cinema is not leading edge when it comes to depiction–instead it reflects what we already see and know–and so in this respect, Moore recognizes that the movie industry’s portrayal of women of a certain age on the big screen is, for now at least, limited.

However, Julianne Moore is still in demand. Over her 29 years and 79 on-screen credits, she has evolved as an actress, honing her craft to a glimmering fineness. Her new movie, Maggie’s Plan, is being released later this month, and her next project, Wonderstruckis underway.  She reflects:

I like [acting] more the older I get, and that has surprised me, because I’ve always been waiting for the other shoe to drop, the day I’ll be like, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore!’ But instead, it’s more compelling to me. I like the act of figuring it out, I like learning things…

Reading of her quiet perceptive nature and her strong streak of charm and wit, we are quite certain that Julianne Moore will figure it all out when the day comes. All we can say is, Watch out world!

As passionate as she is about her work, the author, wife, and a “steady mother” to two children, has an off-screen life she loves.

Amusingly, Moore admits to trolling the Net-A-Porter website perusing the merchandise. She’s featured in their online magazine, The Edit , wearing some of the prettiest dresses for Spring-Summer’16.

Blazar: LANVIN| Dress: PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI | Image via Net-A-Porter
productsBG (2)
Coat: BURBERRY | Dress: ELIE SAAB | Boots: JIMMY CHOO | Image via Net-A-Porter

I love clothes, but I wish I
was a more imaginative dresser;
I’m better at interiors. I admire people who are able to do it easily, it takes me a lot of thought.

Jacket: ALEXANDER McQUEEN | Dress: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini | Boots: Charlotte Olympia

NET A PORTER INTERVIEW by Jennifer Dickinson: Here

Maggie’s Plan is out May 20

Photos: Sebastian Kim

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