the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

You Never Know

You Never Know

When you shop vintage, you never know what you’ll find.

I have a mental list of a few things I’d like to find (a Hudson’s Bay blanket, old cameras, almost anything made in France, bookcases—we always need bookcases), and so you go with an open treasure-hunting attitude and no expectations. I usually find something I want or need, and invariably, some things I’ve never seen before. Which always delights me on the one hand, and saddens me on the other, when I realize just how well things used to be made and the mass market made-in-China mediocrity that now replaces craft.

Our neighbouring town has a tiny storefront selling an odd assortment of old, odd, and unusual things. It has been closed since Christmas, and so when we noticed the cascading clutter back outside the shop front we couldn’t drive by without having a look.

There were old hand tools from the 20s and 30s, and a leaflet with a coloured drawing congratulating the owner on his purchase of a new Model A (with a 2¢ stamp on the envelope). There was a scarf clip from West Germany I tried on. But it was a Canon lens and an ammunition box (without a lid) that we left with. Armed with a phone, Google, and the persistence of Sam, we knew the lens would fit my camera, the specs, and it’s original retail price before we plunked down our cash.IMG_2360

The ammo box intrigued us both. It was a bit grungy and dented but just too awesome not to repurpose for my magazines. Once home Sam got to cleaning it (he is quite meticulous to cleaning everything else but his room) and pounded out the dents.

And thus, a new vessel for Vogue.

You just never know.

And that’s the best part.



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