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These days, we find ourselves in front of the camera; whether on a YouTube channel, Instagram-ing your stylish life, snapping Selfies, or shot on location anywhere you and phone-wielding others happen to be. Looking good in life, in video, and in photos is a very modern challenge.

In the past, before everyone had a phone–and thus a camera–in their pocket, professional photographic skill, expensive equipment, and a trained make-up artist was required for the perfect portrait. Fast forward to the i-everything (iphone, icloud) and the instantaneous image, plus the advantage of the handy delete function to ensure that there is no lasting evidence of a less-than-ideal us on the screen. This means that, in large measure, we are in control of our photographic image.

The makeup industry has stepped up their game with products that, literally, blur the lines between beauty and photographic artistry. These innovations are light-years ahead of what was available even a few years ago. By taking advantage of Nano technology and the ability to manipulate and play with light and prisms (and other innovative ways and means verging on the magical), modern makeup can create the illusion of flawless, airbrushed perfection to both the eye and the camera lens.

Hylamide | HA Blur | Deciem

The new photo-finishing products eliminate the dull, cakey look that traditional makeup typically has on camera. Rather, it  illuminates, colour corrects, and creates a glowing, healthy–and youthful–radiance. This is of particular advantage to older women. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, imperfections are blurred, and the skin appears more uniform–like a soft focus filter for the face.


NIOD | Photography Fluid | Image via Deciem
NIOD | Photography Fluid | Image via Deciem

Makeup artists are versed in the art of illusion. Bronzers and highlighters are two tools of the trade in their kit that were once the reserve of supermodels and celebrities to sculpt chiseled cheekbones and jawbones and provide highlight and definition. These techniques have now been adopted by the mainstream. Highlighters are literally flying off cosmetic shelves because with proper application these luminzers add a sunkissed glow, disguise under-eye dark circles, camouflage ageing skin, and mimic a face-lift. Professionals such as Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury have brought their techniques, tricks, secrets, and products (Lancome and Charlotte Tilbury, respectively) to the masses to make everyday a Red-Carpet-ready day.

Charlotte Tilbury | Filmstar Bronze & Glow | Light To Medium 
Lisa Eldridge | Face Paint | Amazon
Lisa Eldridge | Face Paint | Amazon
Charlotte Tilbury | Filmstar Bronze & Glow | Light To Medium
Charlotte Tilbury | Airbrush Flawless Finish | 1-Fair
Charlotte Tilbury | Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder| 1-Fair



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