the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Lighten Up

Lighten Up

As a woman whose closet is comprised almost entirely of black, I’m feeling an urge to cast off the atramentous hue in favour of something light.

A classicist at heart when it comes to fashion—and colour—nothing looks more appealing to my eye right now than variations of white and beige, shades from cloud to stone.

Colours that do, of course, go perfectly with black.


Banana Republic Drapey Trench HERE

I love the iconic Burberry trench coat, but this drapey interpretation from Banana Republic caught my eye. Trenches can sometimes look and feel stiff and uptight with their precisely tailored details and heavy, heavy fabric. But here, a certain softness turns a traditional silhouette into a very modern statement.

There is a visual and tactile lightness that is fresh and appealing. The abbreviated length and the feather-light fabric make it just so wearable. Its inherent ease has purpose and comfort in mind but doesn’t sacrifice the timeless style and elegance that the trench conveys.

You could runch up the sleeves and still move your arms. You could wear it unbelted without turning into a tent; and belted would only serve to enhance and emphasize the flattering cinch of its soft draping. It would work with jeans and a T-shirt; tailored trousers and a shirt; or with a beautiful dress beneath.

As far as investment dressing goes, this trench hits the mark.


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