the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Front Row Accessories

Front Row Accessories

The Chanel Front Row Only fashion show yesterday featured not only fabulous clothes, but also photo- and note-worthy accessories.

Opening with pink for autumn/winter grabs our attention right away by marking a satorial departure from the usual Fall colour spectrum, and makes for a very pretty collection. Many variations on rose followed, like this beauty:7-fittings.jpg.fashionImg.veryhi

The iconic motifs of the House of Chanel all marched up and down the long and winding catwalk, but each with a very chic and modern spin on the classic Chanel vocabulary.


  • a chapeau shape that Coco Chanel herself favoured
  • made of tweed, leather or felt. Quite solid, like a helmet for a bicycle or a motorcycle, explains Lagerfeld
  • leather strap that can be attached under the chin in case of gales, or left to dangle at the side as an accessory. Adorned with Byzantine crosses, pearls or camellias. More eye-catching than an earring.
  • often covered in fabric to match with the clothes, handbag, and boots!


  • statement-making accessorising: the more the merrier; the bigger the better
  • sometimes mixed with other intricate necklaces
  • adorning hat straps, on wrists, embedded in broaches


  • costume jewellery with whimsical and classic designs
  • mix of coloured stones and pearls and CCs


6-fittings.jpg.fashionImg.veryhiBOOTS & BELTS & GLOVES

  • leather riding boots paired with evening dresses; matching fabric accents and cut-away laced horizontal sections
  • belts and bags repeat the cross-hatched pattern on the boots; also on garments1167112
  • leather gauntlet gloves; soft knit fingerless gloves a la Lagerfeld; fabric and leather trimmed gloves
  • wide bracelets over gloves on both arms; gloves with day and evening wear_CHA0093

Lead Look. As Legerfeld points out, “It is not a boudoir pink, but a fresh pink”—a “sorbet framboise” shade that he adores.



  • polished perfection: coordinated to the clothes; often in matching fabric (many in tweed)
  • on fine chains, as below; clutches; fun shapes such as a spool of Chanel thread1167081
Spool of Thread Handbag


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