Valentine’s Day: Breakfast In Bed

Valentine’s Day is a holiday I can really get behind—roses, chocolate, champagne, sparkly things that come in little blue boxes—what’s not to love? Here is some inspiration for a dreamy morning of fine eating and drinking.

Oh, happy, happy Sunday…the day February 14th lands this year. That means sleeping in, and lanquidly staying between the sheets for as long as you like. Breakfast in bed is a luxury you don’t often give or get, so make it an elegant affair because it sets the tone for the whole divine day. Take time to plan this romantic gesture well in advance.

A silk chemise with matching kimono-styled robe will transition from sleeping to lounging and eating. The heart-print couldn’t be more fitting for the occasion.

EQUIPMENT | Elias Robe| Net-A-Porter
EQUIPMENT | Elias Robe| Net-A-Porter
EQUIPMENT | Elias Chemise | Net-A-Porter
EQUIPMENT | Elias Chemise | Net-A-Porter
EQUIPMENT | Silk Fabric |

A tray is going to be ferried from kitchen to lap, so do pick one with handles and sides so your romantic meal makes it up the stairs without spilling and slip-sliding. And if you will be sharing this light repast, do pick a generously sized one. Cream and gold look so chic together and a lacquered finish will make everything on it sparkle, and clean-up a breeze. Now is the time to use your good cutlery, fine china, crystal, and linen napkins.

MIKASSA 12" Lacquered Tray | Hudson's Bay
MIKASSA 12″ Lacquered Tray | Hudson’s Bay

A small sprig of flowers is a charming touch, especially in a low, weighty vase that won’t tip over.

INDIGO | Bud Vase |
INDIGO | Bud Vase | In-store

Amid the edibles add a little surprise to delight your fellow  boudoir-diner (a sweet note or a Valentine, a tiny gift, or a meaningful memento like a seashell from the beach where you first met, or even something silly like candy hearts or jelly beans). 

What you are drinking depends on what you are eating. Obviously, it is not going to be Cheerios.

Yes, to tea and coffee.

YORKSHIRE GOLD TEA | England | Amazon
YORKSHIRE GOLD TEA | England | Amazon
ILLY | Italy | Amazon
ILLY | Italy | Amazon

Yes, to libations (think light—12% and less—and think white or pink). Sparkling wine is a rather spectacular way to greet the day.

WATERFORD | Lismore | Hudsons Bay
WATERFORD | Lismore | Hudsons Bay

For most, the gesture of breakfast in bed matters more than what is actually served. If toast is all you can cook, then add artisanal honey or good jam, a glass of orange juice (I know you can pour), and you’ll be adored for making an effort. For the ambitious and kitchen savvy, eggs and bacon, an omelette, or eggs Benedict would not go amiss. For sweeter fare like pancakes or waffles think something luscious and pink and delicious like Italian Moscato.

Personally, I would like a croissant with some French jam, and a coupé of that bubbly, darling.

BONNE MAMAN JAM | France | Amazon

Getting dressed is easy when it’s a dress that can move from day to evening with ease: a simple, comfortable and flattering grey knit. As far as accessories, well, diamonds go with everything. Perfect.

JAMES PERSE | Cotton-Blend Jersey Grey Midi-Dress | Net-A-Porter
JAMES PERSE | Jersey Grey Midi-Dress | Net-A-Porter

Keep your hair and make-up soft and beautiful.

Post Photo: Illustration by Garance Dore. Stationary Set, Indigo

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