The Fashionable Abode: Bohemian Chic

Is your home as fashionable as you are? Are you as fashionable as your home?

If your house was a fashion house which one would it be?

Ralph Lauren Ad | Model: Bridget Hall | Photo: Bruce Weber
Ralph Lauren Ad, 1994 | Model: Bridget Hall | Photo: Bruce Weber


Ralph Lauren is a master impresario: he doesn’t just design clothes, he designs a dream in which fashion figures. His approach is a cinematic one—he approaches each new collection like making a movie. He begins by creating the world of the clothes and then designs for the woman who will wear them rather than being inspired by a particular fabric, or the cut of a sleeve. The RL dream is certainly about luxury, romance, and glamour, but there is also a realism (albeit an upscale one) and it is this synergy which keeps Lauren’s designs covetable year after year. His clothes are timeless, not trendy. Ralph Lauren is a traditionalist not bound by tradition, yet is keenly focused on things that endure. Which, as we know, is true style.

THE RALPH LAUREN INSPIRED HOME:THE TRADITIONALIST  Your surroundings reflect your eclecticism and good taste. Rich and sumptuous and refined, but warm and comfortable and inviting, the space evokes an air of elegance and order. Your home is a worldly mix of treasures, a rich tapestry of your personality and sophisticated style.

The way it all comes together is as important as each individual design. I believe in layering eras and styles and adding elements of the unexpected. It’s that relaxed freedom that adds character and spirit.

—Ralph Lauren, House Beautiful, November 2004

Signature Style

  • Modern luxury with romantic elegance and timeless style
  • Traditional elements are mixed with the unconventional
  • Rich layering of textures, patterns, prints and colours
  • Classic menswear references with a sense of quiet refinement
  • An emphasis on character and quality that gets better with time
Ralph Lauren Fall 2016, New York Fashion Week | Photo: Ann Street Studio
Ralph Lauren Fall 2016, New York Fashion Week | Photo: Ann Street Studio

Influences: English Hunting Lodge, Gentleman’s Country Club, English Manor

Colours: Tobacco, hunter green, black, red and burgundy, golds mixed with black and white

Textiles: Natural textures; hand-woven wool and Persian rugs; mix of velvet, antique fabrics, tartan, paisley

Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016
Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016
Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016 | Karlie Kloss
RALPH LAUREN | Fall 2016 | Karlie Kloss

Furniture & Accessories 

  • Classic furniture shapes, traditional and antique furnishings
  • Leather tufted and upholstered sofas and arm-chairs arranged in conversation areas
  • Coffered ceilings, marble fireplace, mahogany wood, brass fixtures
  • Stylish art collections of brass sculptures, drawings and oil paintings
Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016
Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016
Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016
Ralph Lauren | Fall 2016


Korson Drum Stool | Khaki | Hudsons Bay
Korson Drum Stool | Khaki | Hudson’s Bay

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Post Image: Ralph Lauren Ad | Model: Valentina Zelyaeva