Style Commandment #1

Thy Shalt:  Wear Clothes That Fit

If you remember only one rule from this series, make it this one. Tailored clothes are what separates the dressed from the well-dressed.

When choosing your wardrobe, cut, colour, and detailing are all important considerations, but fit is the most critical. No matter what your size, women-of-a-certain-age require garments that are neither baggy, nor skin-tight—they must be just right.

Finding ready-to-wear that fits you perfectly doesn’t always happen. It is then that you find a good tailor. Really. Ask your friends for recommendations or inquire at fashion stores you frequent, and check reviews on-line for seamstresses in your area. Then get them to do a small job initially—say hemming a skirt. Once you find someone who is a wizard with needle and thread, have your garments altered to fit as needed. You will be amazed at what a difference it makes in how your clothes look. And how you feel wearing them.

The next step up from there is having something custom made. There is nothing quite like picking the style, the fabric, and having a bespoke suit or dress uniquely yours. It could be something quite simple that you just cannot find the way you want—say a silk nightie—all the way to something you love but can’t afford—say a Chanel suit from the latest Vogue magazine.







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