the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

When was the last time you bought flowers? Chances are, they were for someone else, not you. Why don’t we think of buying a bouquet for ourselves, for no reason or ocassion whatsoever? Well, it’s time to stop walking past those brilliant floral bunches and start treating yourself to some flower power.

How do you treat yourself? Do you revel in the simple pleasures of life—a cappuccino and a croissant and the New York Times on Saturday morning—or do you toe a rigid line until you suddenly splash out on something extravagant?

Typically, when we think of refreshing our surroundings, we tend to think in broad decorating strokes—a new sofa, a new paint colour, perhaps a stylistic switch from traditional to modern or vise versa.

Sometimes these changes are just what’s needed, but not always—sometimes you can do something small with big results. Here is a quick, easy, and affordable way to add beauty to your home and to your life: buy some fresh flowers.

  • Flowers Are A Designers Best Friend

Put a vase of daisies on a time-worn dresser and suddenly it’s transformed into vintage chic.You can match your floral accents to the colour palette and design scheme of your space, or use contrast to make a statement such a vivid centre-piece in an all-white room.

  • Flowers Add Energy To A Space

Flowers instantly alter the atmosphere—they make everything look fresh.Tranquil ivory buds will be wonderful on your bedside table, whilst a bright burst of floral energy on your desk will get your creative juices flowing. A vase of colourful and fragrant blooms in the foyer is a lovely visual welcome when you walk in the door. Flowers elicit an emotional reaction: guests feel welcomed, and you feel welcomed home. Wherever they are placed, your eye finds flowers.

  • Flowers Are Good For You

Smell is one of the strongest of the senses, and so flowers can evoke positive memories—like your wedding bouquet or your grandmother’s rose garden—and act as reminders of happy times and places past.

Getting into the weekly habit of buying a bouquet will have a positive impact on your mood and your health. Adding flowers to your home lifts your spirits. Studies have proven the power of flowers: both a Harvard University study and a Rutgers University study showed that flowers produce a sense of calmness, satisfaction, and happiness; reduce anxiety and depression; and increases a sense of closeness and compassion between friends and family. So skip the vitamins, and buy tulips  instead.

  • Flowers Have A Place In the Workplace

At the office, flowers improve problem-solving skills, concentration, creativity, and energy. They can also bring warmth to an otherwise cold corporate environment.

So along with bread, wine, and cheese, you can now add flowers to your permanent shopping list. Soon the buckets of spring daffodils will appear at the grocery store. Take a bunch home. Isn’t life beautful?


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