Hunting & Gathering

A church sale (Wednesdays, 11:00-2:00) gets my hunting & gathering adrenaline going. Here are my finds:

Hand Work
I so admire the skill, time, and patience that went into this charming piece.

I just love this blue-grey print. It has a bit of stretch. Perfect for a Spring dress or even a dressing gown.

One can never have too many! 

LEGENDS: Women Who Have Changed the World | John Miller | Amazon

THE BROWNINGS: LETTERS AND POETRY | Christopher Ricks | Amazon

IMG_20160128_162344 (1)
WEST: THE COOKBOOK | Warren Geraghty | Amazon

CANADA: A PORTRAIT IN LETTERS | Charlotte Gray | Amazon

A monochrome skirt that slides into my wardrobe perfectly and fits like it was made for me. I also bought a tan suede snap-front jacket from Danier Leather that seems impossible to photography flatteringly. Imagine cute.

A card for many occasions. Perhaps we shall have a party. Does anyone mail invitations? I will.

Valentine’s Day Cookie Tins & Handmade Card
I sense a cookie baking session very soon.
I spent $13


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