I’ve never yet bought a duplicate handbag. Until now.

I’ve had my caramel-coloured Celine Boogie Bag for about five years. And although I have other black handbags, I always wished I had a black Boogie, too. Well, now I do.

Okay, it seems a bit odd/insane even to me, but there is something so wonderfully practical, yet luxurious, about this bag that it somehow makes this shopping maneuver make sense. Blondie logic, no doubt.

Having more than one makes comparisons interesting. The black leather bag is softer, so although still structured in silhouette, it is a little slouchy which gives it a more casual vibe. Both colours have silver hardware, but that metal really pops in contrast against the black.

Both bags sit on the bench near the door. I grab either one or the other every day as I go out. Life is all about choices. And options.

Hmm…I wonder what other colours they came in?

Celine Boogie Bag: Cognac Brown, purchased on Ebay; Black, purchased from The RealReal . Celine (site). Earlier Post on Celine: http://a-woman-of-a-certain-age.com/2015/12/the-handbag-diaries-2/



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