the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Chanel Cosmetics

Chanel Cosmetics

Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15

A new-for-me Chanel foundation that is so good it deserves yet another rave review. If you follow beauty blogs and YouTube beauty gurus, you have certainly already heard about this product

This is a natural looking, light-coverage base. Very fluid and sheer in texture, it perfects and illuminates the skin, rather than conceals it. It’s your skin; but better.

The foundation is very quick and easy to apply. As Chanel says, Apply your makeup without thinking about it. It first requires a vigorous shaking, then best applied with fingers from the centre of the face outwards.

The sleek, rectangular bottle is small and lightweight and holds the standard 30 ml.

Comes in 7 shades. Mine is 10 Beige.

A great everyday foundation. And those two Cs look very chic on your dressing table.



I ordered it on-line from The Bay (here) which offers free shipping on $49 beauty orders.


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