Vintage Ornaments

Our tree is heavy with ornamentation. Of the vintage variety.

I have collected these beautiful old (circa 1940 – 1950) decorations (obsessively) over the years, and this Christmas, a few cherished ones have joined the group: they came from my parents. Ours is the Christmas tree of yore, trimmed with mercury glass bells and balls, delicate glass baubles, hand-painted spheres, mouth-blown icicles. and radiant sunbursts all gleaming in the glow of tiny white lights. The oldest are a set of green tear-drops made of such heavy glass that they need to be placed on sturdy branches. And we hang them very, very carefully.

Every December I love unpacking the boxes once again—lifting each ornament out of its tissue wrapping and cardboard squares; delighting anew in their splendour.

A wonderful article on how to care for your vintage ornaments is linked here.











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