How To: Party

So whether you are the party girl who has sent out bespoke invitations a month in advance (as per Emily Post) and planned the event down to the last canapé; or the type who is just now getting the notion of rounding up a few friends and neighbours for an little impromptu holiday gathering; here are a few tips to throwing a house party.



  • Be Selective in Your Guest List

Who you choose to invite is the most critical factor to a successful party. Think of each individual guest, but also consider the group as a whole. Of course you want to have people who like to have fun and are entertaining guests, but throw a couple of wild cards into the mix to ensure that the party is lively (surely you know a bombshell or a provocateur?) As hostess, make introductions.

  • Set a Start & End Time     

Then stick to it. To signal the party is over: stop serving drinks and food, turn the music down, offer to call a cab for anyone who needs one, and thank your guests for coming.

  • On Point Food & Drinks

Keep it simple. Delicious nibbles plus one brand of beer, one white wine, one red wine, and a bowl of non-alcoholic punch. Whatever your menu, it should not involve the hostess in the kitchen cooking.

  • Set the Scene

The tree, the lights, mistletoe optional. Rearrange the furniture if necessary so guests can stand, and sit, and mingle. Play a mix of Christmas and jazzy tunes. Keep the volume down so people can talk. And hear.

  • Enjoy Your Own Party

Make Merry! Put on a killer party dress, amp up the makeup, smile, laugh, be charming and gracious, and— sober. Have a glass of champagne or a nightcap after everyone has gone home. You can toast yourself for such a great party.





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  1. December 7, 2015

    It seems to me that the part I alwasy mess up is the guest list! No matter what, there is always a wallflower who leaves early and encourages others to escape with them!

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