the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

Libations: Liqueurs

Libations: Liqueurs

The civilized way to get through the pre-Christmas madness is with a very chic cocktail. And here are two liqueurs to add to your repertoire: St. Germain and Limoncello. The former, French; the later, Italian. Both delicious.

St. Germain is made from wild elderflower blossoms hand-picked in the French Alps. To quote their website:

It has been said that Paris is a mélange curieux, a curious mixture of flavours, styles and influences. So it is with St-Germain. Neither passionfruit nor pear, grapefruit nor lemon, the sublime taste of St-Germain hints at each of these and yet none of them exactly. It is a flavor as subtle and delicate as it is captivating. A little like asking a hummingbird to describe the flavor of its favorite nectar. Très curieux indeed, n’est-ce pas?    

And if this isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, surely their racy vintage posters will.

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur produced in southern Italy and typically served as an after-dinner digestif; although sometimes it is also served before a meal as an apéritif. Always well-chilled; straight-up; or as a killer cocktail ingredient. Intensely lemony, but neither sour nor cloying, Limoncello is pure inspiration in cooking and baking (see: Italian Lemoncello Cake; More than Salt and Pepper, Caren McSherry).

So that covers the drink and be merry part; eating to follow.




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