Altered Reality

I have spent many glorious months blissfully ignorant of anything Kardashian-related. Their attention grabbing antics have been nixed in my on-line world—no gaudy hair; no cringe-worthy fashion; no inane quotes—no, no, NOTHING. I cannot tell you how happy this has made me.

How, oh, how? you beg to know? I assure you that I have not moved under a rock, nor have I unplugged my computer. I have f i l t e r e d  the Kardasians out of (my) existence. And you can, too.

Rather than being subjected to an infuriating barrage of what passes for news these days about this famous-for-nothing clan, I have taken back my mental frontier. I have altered reality. I have planted my flag firmly in unreality  because as much as I wish the Kardasians would Just—Go—Away—they remain. And they continue in an unavoidable, front-page sort of way. To illustrate their ubiquitousness in the web media, at the time of this post, The Daily Mail has a tally of 143 Kardasian references on their home page. The grand total on my screen? Zero.

Of course it’s up to you to advert your eyes from the tabloids in the supermarket line-up and not buy Vogue magazine. Easy peasy. However, while standing in line I overheard that Kim Kardasian had a baby. Who knew?

To install the Kardashian Filter on your computer, click here. It is free. By the way, it happily also filters “Jenner”.







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