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Okay, let’s face it; Christmas is really about the food. Or at least it is if your age is more than one digit.

And here in the nick of time to solve all your seasonal dessert quandaries is Rose Daykin’s new cookbook, Butter Celebrates! 

A sequel to the best-selling Butter Baked Goods: Recipes from A Little Neighbourghood Bakery, it is billed as, A Year of Sweet Treats to Share with Family and Friends. The book is organized according to occasion, and, as we know, there is hardly an occasion in life that doesn’t warrant a cake or a cookie, a marshmallow or a meringue.

Now here is the dilemma—you could ask Santa to bring it in his sleigh. You’ve been (mostly) good, right? But then how could you bake from the Christmas section Now when you most need a great collection of seasonal treats without staying up til the wee hours Googling recipes? I don’t know. You and Santa will just have to work it out yourselves. (I hear he can be bribed with eggnog).

To tempt you, here is the run-down of Butter Celebrates Christmas recipes:

Chocolate Gingerbread Genoise * Holiday Gems * Gingerbread Guys * Cranberry Pistachio Icebox Cookies * Panettone * Snowballs * Fruitcake * Peppermint Nanaimo Bars * Mince Harmony Bars * Eggnog-less Bars * Orange Gingerbread Cake * Pecan Crescents * Salted Caramels * Spicy Nuts * Yum Balls



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