The Perfect Gift: Cook

Cooks can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Usually, if there is a gap in their kitchen gear, they fill it. But here is a gift idea that just might be one of those specialized items that every good cook wants, but just hasn’t gotten around to getting: a mandoline. It’s a bit off the radar so you can count on the element of surprise and delight on Christmas morning.

Picking a mandoline is a bit of a challenge. There are the flimsy plastic ones that don’t do the job and aren’t built to last. Then there are the professional (bordering on surgical) models that will slice and dice your fingers at speed and set you back a lot of Santa dollars. Your recipient probably doesn’t need either of these.

Here is the one that I use and recommend: the Benriner Japanese Mandoline. It comes with three stainless steel blades and the essential safety guard. It turns ordinary vegetables into things of beauty. Brilliant for fruit, too. Makes stir-fry prep a snap.

My advice? Order two. You’ll want to keep one for yourself.

Benriner Mandoline available on Amazon (here)

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