Miss Piglet

I have an ally in this household of boys: Piglet.

She has been with us for many years, replacing her ancestors who somehow got lost or left somewhere when Sam was but a wee one. This piglet is larger than her predecessors, and she ain’t going anywhere, thank you very much.

Piglet is much (much) sassier than I am. She is definitely a More is More kind of girl. She speaks her mind, knows everyone’s foibles, and always gets everyone—even the teenager—laughing.

Miss Piglet is getting a little floppier as she ages (ahem), but her attitude is as strong as ever. As boys turn to young men before our eyes, we hold on to a piece of childhood history. I can imagine Piglet being with Sam, albeit stashed in a corner, forever.


No corners! says Piglet.

She wants to be riding in his BMW.

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