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Maldon Salt is what I would take to a desert island because it makes everything taste better. And if you have to resort to leaves and bark, it might as well be flavourful leaves and bark.

Hand-harvested in England for over 130 years, Maldon Salt is an essential in my kitchen. It is pure, natural, ancient, and modern. It is loved by chefs because it tastes of the sea without being overly salty (if that makes any sense; if it doesn’t, just try some and you’ll understand.)

Use it as a finishing salt not as a seasoning while cooking. Its flaky texture adds a wonderful piquancy to any dish. I got a foodie friend so hooked on Maldon Salt that he carried a pinch tin of it in his suit pocket because he said that nothing tasted right without it. (Tin available here)

Maldon Salt can be found in most gourmet shops and good grocery stores. When we moved, I hunted everywhere for this salt, but to no avail. So, in desperation, I ordered mine from England! Subsequently, I discovered that Thrifty’s carries it, as does Amazon (here). It also comes in a smoked variety that I have yet to try.

I keep my Maldon Salt in a vintage Pyrex dish prized by collectors and relegated to the garage by my mother, from where I rescued it.

For more details go to the Maldon Salt website (here)



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