A Simple Snack

It is a busy time of year. Even if you keep it simple at Christmas, there is still much to do.

When you inevitably come to the point where you just can’t multi-task ONE MORE THING in your 101 things-to-do juggling act, remember this simple snack when the call comes from your hungry herd: popcorn. And, even better, with this Laroma Micro Popcorn Popper they can make it themselves. In fact, they will want to. Unheard of, I know.

It’s fun, easy, quick, and yummy. And Mum doesn’t have to worry about kids using the stove or a mess in the kitchen.

This makes a great Christmas gift for the family or just run out and buy it RIGHT NOW as your own personal sanity-saver this season. If you are really clever/stressed/desperate, you will suggest your kids make popcorn-cranberry garland for the tree. This will keep them fed and busy for hours. And you get a Martha Stewart-esque handmade decoration. You can thank me later.

By the way, I’ve heard (from very good authority) that this is a favourite snack of Santa and his reindeer. There are only so many mandarin oranges, cookies, carrots, and glasses of milk you can eat in one night, you know.

Available at Home Hardware in-store and on-line (here) and on Amazon (here).

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