the more you know the less you need

the more you know the less you need

A Certain Insouciance

A Certain Insouciance

I came across the art of Blair Breitenstein aka Blonde Lasagna on Etsy a few years ago.

As a lover of fashion illustration, I was smitten.

Of her process and inspiration, the Seattle-based artist says:

quotesWatercolour is my medium of choice. I love how quickly I can finish a painting and how portable it is.

I make a point not to use an eraser in my drawings in order to capture the spontaneity of my ideas. I also draw quickly which adds ­­­­a quality of fearlessness and quirkiness to my work. For some artists, capturing the proportions of their subject is most important – this is cool, it’s just not my style. Art is fun and it’s a creative release. I don’t draw from life, I draw from daydreams and fantastic magazine editorials. I am not focused on portraying real life, so when something I’m painting turns out a little off I go with it! I am less worried about drawing the correct number of fingers on a hand than getting the perfect shade of blue for a dress I saw in my dreams. In my dreams it was the dress I found inspiring, not the hands of the model that wore it.

I can imagine her art lining the walls of a fashionista’s boudoir.

The shots here from an ad in the September issue of Vogue for Fashion Week/The Bellevue Collection featuring the stunning art of Blair Breitenstein.

IMG_20151119_142547 IMG_20151119_142907 IMG_20151119_142834

Blonde Lasagne: Website; Pinterest

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