Crazy for Coats

I have a bit of an obsession with coats.

When we moved to our modern house in the country, we had to build a closet in the basement to accomodate my, ahem, rather extensive wardrobe. How can builders think teeny tiny closets are sufficient, I ask? I almost never wear pants; even at home, I reach for skirts and dresses. These are garments that need HANGING darn it. Happily, I have boys whose jeans and t-shirts do not require closet space.

My wardrobe has evolved over years and has been fiercely edited and streamlined into it’s current state. It is almost entirely vintage, thrifted, or sewn. It is black, white, and gray (with a vintage Jaeger orange dress at the back that looks out of place but is so beautifully tailored in the finest wool that I couldn’t pass it up). Each item has been acquired in a strictly selective way with a eye to style and quality and a disregard for trends. It includes a DVF silk wrap dress, a Ralph Lauren LBD,  and many other covetable pieces that someone paid full retail for and I did not. Same goes for handbags. My Celine came from Ebay. It is not a system for the impatient or the impulsive. But it is a most rewarding way to go about it in the long term.

Take the coat here. My husband took my photo (unbeknownst to me) as I was coming down the lane from shopping. This vintage piece was discovered at a small Salvation Army thrift store. This is a work of fashion art designed by Canadian, Marilyn Blumer. It is a reversible coat made of fox fur woven into panels, Mongolian lambswool collar and cuffs, and with leather accents at the top of the sleeve.

It is just one of those coats that, combined with my Stuart Weitzman boots (yep, from a consignment store– SCORE!) and Karl Lagerfield sunglasses (Value Village)  and a bounce in your step, you look fabulous!


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